About Us

Pubs have been around for centuries. It's easy to see why. How often have you gotten to know someone properly over a pint? It's a place we can unwind after work, chat sh*t with friends, go on dates, and enjoy a warm atmosphere even during a cold winter.

The UK pub scene is simply unmatched in variety, history, and passion. Let's make it even better. Some people just want a good beer, others search for a cozy fireplace. Whatever you're looking for in a pub, this community-driven platform helps everyone have more memorable experiences.

Our Mission

At Pint Prices, we're all about helping you discover the best pints at the best prices across London. Whether you're a local looking to explore new watering holes, or a visitor wanting to experience the city's iconic pub culture, we've got you covered.

Our Story

Born out of a love for good beer and great company, Pint Prices was created by a group of mates who realised we enjoyed a pub trip more when we wern't surpised with an £8 pint. While London's pubs offer a rich tapestry of experiences, from historic inns to modern craft beer bars, there was no easy way to compare pint prices and offerings. That's when Pint Prices was born - a community-driven platform dedicated to the fellow pint enthusiasts.

Join Us on Our Journey

Gathering data is an ongoing effort and we're doing our absolute best for you. Still, if you can be one of the many lovely people who have submitted a pint, you'd be doing God's work. Cheers!

The Pint Prices Team


The go-to site for pint prices at London pubs. We are promoting local business in the capital.

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