Discovering the Best Pubs Around London Bridge: A Local's Guide

London Bridge, a bustling area known for its iconic landmarks and thriving nightlife, is home to some of the city's most inviting pubs. This guide takes you through a selection of the best pubs around London Bridge, where history and modernity blend seamlessly.

'The George Inn' – A historic gem, this National Trust-owned pub dates back to the 17th century and offers a glimpse into the past with its traditional galleries and oak beams.

'The Anchor Bankside' – Located close to the Globe Theatre, this pub boasts a rich history and a prime location with views of the Thames. It's a perfect spot for a pint after a riverside stroll.

'The Market Porter' – Nestled in the heart of Borough Market, this pub is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, known for its wide selection of beers and vibrant atmosphere.

'The Bunch of Grapes' – A modern yet cozy pub, offering a diverse menu and an excellent range of drinks, making it a popular choice for both casual and more formal gatherings.

Each pub around London Bridge offers its own unique experience, whether you're looking for a place steeped in history, a spot with great views, or a lively atmosphere. These pubs are sure to enhance your London Bridge experience.

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